We've Been Published // Luxe Event Productions on Martha Stewart Weddings "10 Fun Jobs for the Father of the Bride"

Recently we had the opportunity to write and suggest some Father of the Bride tips for Martha Stewart Weddings. Topic: Duties for the Father of the Bride (FOB). Here's what we suggested. Check out our exact words from Martha's site!

The bar is no longer simply beer, wine, and classic mixed drinks. It's a destination. Help facilitate some groom and father-in-law bonding time by asking dad to help the groom come up with signature cocktails, says planner Erica Berman of Jane Layne, LLC in New York and Florida. If they're feeling in the mood, they can brainstorm fun names, too. But that's just a bonus! "If the father of the bride is one of those men who love a good scotch, whiskey, or bourbon, or even a good stogie, then he might be the perfect person to design a scotch and cigar bar or order some Cubans for guests to enjoy post-dinner," advises planner Misty Damico of Luxe Event Productions in Oregon. 

Your world can become hectic in the weeks leading up to the wedding with last-minute meetings and checklists taking up your time. "The father of the bride is the perfect person to help pick up the slack," says Damico. He can walk the dog, pick up the dry cleaning, or mow the lawn. She also recommends asking him to water the plants, watch the dog, or get the mail while you're on your honeymoon.

Even if he's not footing the bill, dad can still play the part of host, says Damico. She suggests asking him to welcome guests as they arrive, act as the emcee, introduce the speeches, or say goodbye and thank you as guests leave at the end of the evening.